On a clear day you can see Corsica
Podere Santa Pia | To the south is the little isle of Montecristo. On a clear day you can even see Corsica, 250 km away.





With an area of only 10.4 square kilometres (four square miles), Montecristo is the smallest in a string of islands off the coast of Italy forming the Tuscan Archipelago. During its long history, the island was briefly occupied by monks and hermits, then overrun in the 1550s by pirates rumoured to have buried treasure in its many caves. Today, Montecristo is a protected nature reserve, although an infestation of black rats threatens many of its native species and its viability as a tourist destination.






Bed and Breakfast Toscana in Provincia di Grosseto | Podere Santa Pia

The location of Podere Santa Pia is unique and the landscape a once-in-a-life sight. Set in the historic area of the Maremma, there are a wide variety of regional restaurants and gorgeous small country villages. Our neighbours are Podere Siena, Podere Santa Margherita, Podere Fonte Canale and Poderi Firenzi. The restoration of Podere Siena and Podere Fonte Canale was the work of Hansjorg Rickli.
Podere Siena is located about 1 km from the medieval village of Castiglioncello Bandini. Podere Santa Margherita, 'La Dimora', is our direct neighbour, a farm that has been renovated into a Bed and Breakfast. Deaper in the valley, in Abandonato, is another Bed and Breakfast, Poderi Firenze.